Sunday, September 7, 2008


Singing hymns during services:
Special music on the Sabbath was amazing! The back row was playing their recorders, the middle row singing, and the front row was signing the song! They learned everything at camp and in only a couple classes!

Some group shots:
The "American" group:

Then several others joined in for the photo:

Sabbath finery:

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Thursday Evening we had some fun activities...the exciting staff/camper volleyball match and some great novelty olympics:-)

Staff/Camper volleyball game: It was intense:
Good game everyone, good game! (I guess I should mention that the staff won one...and the campers won the other game!)

After volleyball everyone headed inside for the novelty olympics:-)

Some events required a lot of concentration:

Here they had to transfer water from one container to another at the opposite end of the room (that is until someone ran into the table and spilled all the water:-)
Quick, who can get dressed the fastest? Those headdresses can be tricky!
Famous two-legged race:

And...once again...beautiful sky:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Volleyball was taught by Mr. Femi...

and Ms. Jamie: Bump, set, spike
Got it!
Or not:
These two gentlement were found hanging out around the volleyball court:-) More about them later...


Rock Climbing
The Green Team was the first team to head up to the rocks:-)

Hiking up to rock climbing:

Resting after the hike up:
View of the city...and staff members getting things set up:
Hiking back out:
And a flower along the way:-)

And another beautiful sunset:

Monday, September 1, 2008


The first full day of activities for the campers:-) The day started off with breakfast and a 15-minute Compass Check (which is like a mini-Christian Living).

Since some of the activities repeat from day to day I'll try to highlight a couple different activities each day.

Team Challenge:

The team challenge activity included several team and trust-building activities,ultimate frisbee, and a spiderweb challenge.

Ultimate frisbee:

The incredibly scary spider web!

Each team had to get all of its team members through the web without touching or jiggling the web at all...and they could only use each hole once. If someone happened to jiggle the web when crossing they got eaten by the "spider." We had some very considerate campers who made sure the spider didn't go hungry!

Time for the little guys to try it!


This class was taught by Ann (I'll get back to you on the last name after I find my list of staff members:-). The first day they made some very delicious donuts, and the staff was quite happy that there were 3 dorms that had to make donuts...and that we had to test each batch:-)

Receiving their instructions:

Forming the donuts (some even had filling...mmm):

Final product = delicious!

The donuts made everyone smile! Awesome job everyone!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Commenting should now be "enabled"...some had mentioned that it wouldn't let you leave a comment, so it should work now:-)

Camp Week Relived

Every day this week I'll try to post pictures from the highlights of each corresponding day during camp. Today, Sunday, was the day everyone arrived at the campsite. When we got there we all shared a meal and then had orientation. Following orientation the rock staff showed the campers how to tie knots and the picture they are practicing tying swamis, which basically means they are practicing tying their own harnesses for the rope bridge and rock climbing (don't worry, we check to make sure they do them correctly:-)

The rest of the evening was used to prep for the following day's activities...and for the campers and staff to start getting to know each other. I'll try to introduce you to some of the Nigerian brethren along the way as well...let's start with these two lovely ladies:

Ms. Lola

Lola worked on rock climbing staff and taught Bobbi and myself African songs and chants while we rode out to the rocks each day. She also worked hard to pamper us Americans and fix us some special foods throughout the week (despite our protests) like "safe" vegetables that had been cooked with bottled water, "chips" (which we would call fries:), and other yummy things. Thank you Lola!

Ms. Ronti/Becky

It's not unusual for our Nigerian friends to have two names...their real name and then an "American" name for those who have trouble pronouncing the real one:-) Ronti was a counselor and infused her dorm with loads of energy, keeping the campers singing and smiling everywhere they went:-) Miss you ladies!

What a beautiful way to end the first day:-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sabbath Finery:-)

We kept the Sabbath in Lagos...and had a full house since many of the campers had already arrived:-) This is a picture of the youth corp participants, the Mickelsons, and Akinbos all dressed up for the Sabbath!

Left to right: (back three men) Mr. Mickelson, Derek, Raphael; (Middle row) Mr. Akinbo, Cody, Bobbi, Jamie, Rachel Mrs. Mickelson, Mrs. Akinbo; (front row) Otiwa and Tomiwa

Visiting the Farm

Remember the farm we can see from the rope bridge? We got to go over and meet the farmers and see their place; this is one of the little children out in the field: More of the children (there was also a little baby):
Mr. Mickelson standing outside the main hut:

Rope Bridge

We had to clear out a field for the rope bridge: This is a picture of the farm right next to the field where we will have the rope bridge activity:
Practicing setting up the bridge and traverse:

Friday, August 15, 2008

More pictures:-)

Rachel, Tomiwa (Dare Akinbo's daughter) and Ronke (Dare's sister) at the Akinbo's house. One of the views from up at rock climbing:
View of the city from up at rock climbing:
Rock climbing area: